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It’s not what you know…. it’s who you know

This is true of many situations in life.  It’s especially true when it comes to getting access to the very best grapes in the Napa Valley.

When we decided to grow our Greetings brand beyond Oregon and Washington, our first thought was Napa Valley.  Much like the Willamette Valley is the premier AVA for Pinot Noir and the Columbia Valley for Merlot, Napa is THE quintessential area for world-class Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Ashli and I have spent a combined 55 years in the wine business.  During that time, we formed business relationships with many great vintners in Napa Valley that evolved into personal relationships.  Many of them attended our wedding and one of them was in the wedding!

We were some of the first distributors to bring brands like Araujo, Seavy, Paradigm, Lewis, Miner, Oakville Ranch, Staglin, Harlan, Neyers, Rudd, Bryant Family, and Barnett to market.  Every vintner every year has a few barrels that while delicious, don’t fit into their blend.  Because of who we know, not what we know, we have been able to assemble a wine that per usual with the Greetings brand, way over-delivers.


Napa Valley’s 2018 vintage was a near picture-perfect growing season that began in late February. Spring was mild with extended flowering, yielding uniform grape clusters. Temperatures remained steady and warm throughout the summer, without any significant heat spikes, setting up a cooler, unhurried harvest. Yields were reported above average and the overall quality of the 2018 vintage is very high. 


79% Cabernet Sauvignon 

17% Merlot

2% Petite Verdot

2% Cabernet Franc

Source vineyard AVA’s: Stag’s Leap District, Oak Knoll District, Calistoga, Yountville

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