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Celebrate & Embrace the Journey

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Wine That Will Take You Somewhere

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All wine has a bigger story.

Beyond the glass that sits before you lies a rich history of the land from which the wine comes, the dedicated people who cultivate and harvest it, and the yearly variations in weather that shape its character.

Like life, wine is a constantly evolving story, unfolding with every sip. Embrace the moment, be present, and discover your path to adventure today.

Greetings wine offers a journey to a new destination with every pour, transporting you to the very time and place where the grapes were grown. Let the wine tell its tale and take you on a voyage of the senses.
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Celebrate and embrace the journey.

Find a good friend, wind down an unknown road, and be amazed by the connection of land, body, and mind.

Premium grapes, premium production. Small lots, nothing “off-brand” or “bulk” about this wine.

We warn you, it will lead to adventure: unexpected dinner parties, new friends, brave nail polish choices, fabulous shoes, and lots of laughter. It’s time for a road trip. Take the scenic route. Discover your own paradise…

Our Wines

With a dedication to quality and a passion for the unique stories that every bottle of wine holds, Greetings Wine offers a tasting experience that is sure to tantalize the senses. From the first sip to the last, our wines are a celebration of the land, the people, and the time that went into creating each bottle. We take pride in producing wines that are both approachable and complex, perfectly paired with a wide variety of foods and occasions. With Greetings Wine, every glass is an invitation to explore, to savor, and to appreciate the remarkable journey that each bottle represents.

Savor Wine's Journey

Treat your senses to an unparalleled tasting experience with Greetings Wine, where each glass pays homage to the land, the people, and the time that made every bottle a masterpiece.
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Greetings from Oregon

Take a trip down memory lane with Greetings Willamette Valley Pinot Gris. Despite unexpected frost and record-cold temperatures, the 2022 vintage offers a vibrant, clean, and balanced flavor that exudes confidence and knowledge of its course. Every grape is hand-picked and sorted with care, then whole-cluster pressed and fermented at 58 degrees, resulting in a unique flavor profile that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest. With delicate floral and citrus aromas and a soft minerality, this wine is not only delectable, but it also serves as a reminder to live in the moment and appreciate life’s journeys. So uncork a bottle, relax, and let the flavors take you on a journey of a lifetime.

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