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2022 Willamette Valley

Pinot Gris

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Vintage: 2022

Travel back in time to an old vacation spot with Greetings Willamette Valley Pinot Gris. The vintage 2022 wine overcame unexpected frost and record-cold temperatures to offer a vibrant, clean, and balanced flavor that is full of confidence and knowledge of its course. All grapes were hand-harvested and hand-sorted, then whole-cluster pressed and fermented around 58 degrees. With a pH of 3.26, TA of 6.1g/L, and 13.4% Alc., this wine is not just delicious, it’s a great reminder to stay present and enjoy wherever the road takes you.
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The Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley is more than just a picturesque landscape. It is the heart of our winemaking at Greetings Wine Company. With a passion for sustainable and natural practices, we take great care in producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. Our Pinot Gris embodies the spirit of the Willamette Valley, capturing the essence of its complex history and natural beauty. Hand-harvested and hand-sorted, our grapes undergo a meticulous process to bring out the best of what the valley has to offer. From our vineyards to your glass, we are proud to represent the Willamette Valley through our wines.

Tasting Notes

Vintage: 2022